Sunday, November 09, 2008

Busy Saturday

Yesterday we had a busy Saturday. I started it off pitching in with the Mission to Virginia event. I was part of a group of eight that went to a needy person's home to insulate the windows, trim some hedges, mow the law, clean the gutters, and generally clean up around the outside of the house. It was great to be part of helping improve someone's quality of living, even if it was just sprucing up the environs of their home and putting some plastic sheeting over the windows.

Susan went to a once-a-year Christmas craftsman show that is held at Richmond International Raceway. She has not gotten to many of these events, even though she has wanted to many times. She scoped out a possible game table for our front room, and she had a lot of fun.

In the afternoon we went to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. It was a great show, and we both enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit, even if it is a bit early. Susan always loves the part with the indoor snow. I hope we get some actual snow this year; last year there was not any to speak of. One of the singers grew up in Chesapeake, VA, and her parents were sitting not far from us. Actually, we had better seats than they did! We were on the second row from the very front, able to make eye contact with the performers as they came to the front of the stage and as they sometimes came down even off the stage. It was great, if a little blinding at times. If you haven't been to a TSO concert, I highly recommend that you make time for it.

After the concert we drove all the way over to the far West End to have dinner at a new Japanese restaurant. It is the best Japanese steakhouse we have found in Richmond, and the only one to rival our old favorite, Kabuki, back in Amarillo. It was an excellent end to a great day.

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