Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturn's Day, 3/31/2012

The yard needed to be mowed today, but the rain prevented it. I was glad for the reprieve. Tomorrow I think we will pay our friends' son Jeremy to mow it. He has done a good job for us in the past, and I really need to spend time working on my backlog of handouts for the big conference coming up in June rather than on yard work. I think we're going to engage our other friend John Land to be our "landscaping" contractor instead of a company like TruGreen or ChemLawn. He has his own landscaping business, and he goes to church with us. So I'm glad to give him our business, and I think he will do a better job than a corporate flunky out to turn a crank and earn a minimum wage pay.

That's a lot of talk about maintenance, but from an aesthetic point of view, the yard (while a bit overgrown and weedy) is nicely green and has some patches of flowers coming back up. In our yard, as everywhere else, spring started early. I am confident that with John's help with fertilizer and weed killer and Jeremy's mowing skills, the yard may look better this summer than it has since we moved in.


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