Saturday, September 11, 2010

Baby Steps

We took the second concrete step toward adoption today. We mailed off the application to Adoptions from the Heart this morning. They should have it by next Tuesday, and we hope to hear something from them about scheduling the home study by the end of next week, though that may be a little too eager a timeline. Still, we are committed to an agency and we are ready to get things rolling.

After lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings we went to Babies R Us to do some shopping and to start a baby registry (#45946804 if you want to know). We spent a good three hours plus looking around and adding items to the registry. We decided on a turtle theme for the nursery decorations and started comparing strollers and other items. Once we get matched with a birthmother and have a better idea of when the baby will be born, we'll get more specific about things.

For now, we're just excited about the baby. Currently we have a boy baby name of Gabriel and a girl name of Olivia. We'll keep talking about it and praying about it.

I almost forgot to mention that when we got home we found a bunch of baby items from Target on our front porch. There was no card or note of any kind. Apparently some of our friends (we suspect we know who) bought these for us and left them on our porch. Thanks to them! And thanks be to God, Who has blessed us with all good things.

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