Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Lost Musings

Susan and I just got into Lost. We borrowed Season 1 from the Rainses, and so we're just getting started with Season One even though Season Four just ended last week. (So if you want to reply to this post, please don't give away any spoilers!) We just watched "The Confidence Man," which is episode 8 (if you count the pilot as two episodes). And now it strikes me that with some of the character flashbacks we are being given possible explanations for the downing of the airplane.

Kate: retribution for whatever it was she did
Locke: no plausible explanation in this flashback
Jack: no plausible explanation, unless "You don't have the right to say 'I can't,' not after what you did" counts.
Sun: whatever organization that was going to hide Sun might have also plotted to kill her husband (Sun's husband, BTW, might have been the target of a mob hit.)
Charlie: no plausible explanation in this flashback
Sawyer: retribution for failing to get the "investor" money for his "partner."

I'm keeping an eye out now for more people on that plane who had some reason to be targeted, especially by someone with the means to pull off an incident like that.


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