Thursday, August 24, 2006

Walking in Memphis

I have been in Memphis, Tennessee since early Tuesday morning. I'm here to work in the office of my employer, Shelby Systems. It is good to work face-to-face with my coworkers with whom I normally interact solely through e-mail, phone, and Messenger. I am also taking advantage of my time here to get some food that is lacking in Richmond. Namely, I have eaten at Corky's Barbecue to get some authentic dry ribs. Corky's ribs are the best pork ribs I've ever eaten. (The best beef ribs I've ever eaten were made by my grandfather, C.T. Johnson.) I have also been twice to Sonic. There is a Sonic about 40 minutes from our house in Richmond, but it is just too far for regular visits such as the ones we did constantly in Amarillo before we moved east. And last night I had Abuelo's Mexican food. No place in Richmond serves Tex-Mex. We have found a good authentic Mexican food place, but Tex-Mex remains ellusive. So there is no way I would pass up Abuelo's, which was one of my favorite restaurants in Amarillo.

I'm also taking the opportunity to get together with Scott Greer, the senior minister at Paramount Terrace Christian Church for most of the time I attended there. He moved to Memphis about a year ago to take the pastorate of New Hope Christian Church. He and his wife Suzanne will be meeting me for dinner tonight, and I look forward to seeing my friend and minister again.


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